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The larger fish were out of sight, but when the first big mahi was hooked, the others became more aggressive and less cautious. Baits placed 10 - 40 feet behind the planer seem to do best. The perfect setup is two boards per side and a prop bait. To make the bait swim freely, Rella gently squeezed its stomach to remove its contents through the vent. and 4 oz. For bait, Rella rigged a medium-action spinning rod with a naked ballyhoo hooked under the chin with a 3/0 to 5/0 Eagle Claw bronze treble and secured with copper wire. Throw chunks in between the fish to make them more aggressively compete for the bait. Many anglers utilize planers to troll for mackerel and wahoo, but few are rigging the planers so that they can be quickly detached from the leader. This can be true of both fluke fishermen having difficulty finding keepers inshore and of offshore fishermen given the slip by tuna and billfish. More How To. Plus, when trolling around the weedlines likely to hold big mahi, a larger spread increases the chances of weeds fouling your lures. These bright orange planers will disturb the surface and act as a front runner with the bait typically 10 - 40 feet behind the board. Most of us think of mahi-mahi (dolphinfish) as a species usually encountered in offshore waters, and usually that’s the case. We tried another half-dozen pots, but nothing happened. One of them is usually 50 feet back and the second is about 200 feet back. A simple presentation of three baits trolled by structure is just as likely to draw a strike from a big mahi as a spread of six or more rods. Fishing gear equipment fishing gear equipment snook archives sarasota fishing windsorsbobberplaner for slow trollingHi Sd Wahoo Planer Set Up Coastal Angler TheFishing Yellow Bird SPlaners Ssp5br Buds GunFishing Equipment Planer ThesuperfoodpanyFishing With Planers How To Use Salt WaterUltimate Wind On Planer Rig Double Threat ChartersGo Deep With Planers FishtrackPlaner Fishing Basics … Planers come in various sizes to reach a range of depths. One person found this helpful. ... Trolling for fish that patrol the currents of the open ocean, like tuna, wahoo, dorado (aka mahé mahé, mahi mahi or dolphin fish), kingfish and their large mackerel cousins, 5 to 8 … This striper trolling spread is lights out using all tandem rigs with the out side rigs running off planer boards. I was fortunate enough to be aboard Rella’s 34-foot SeaVee, Superfish, during a mahi tournament out of Islamorada. Hello guys, I just wanted to give you a little how to on the The Easiest Spread for Trolling I've ever used. To salvage the trip, we decided to work the lobster pot buoys on the way home along with the rest of a defeated fleet. Help@TheTackleRoom.com. As we all know...more coverage equals better fishing. Where to Find Sailfish. "On our main lines I rely on #4 and #6 size planers, … Remember the rhyme 'yellow clip is closest to rod tip' and you will have it pointing correctly. We recommend using 20-30Lb monofilament when fishing for dolphin (Mahi).. 6 planer could be pulled 75 feet behind the boat, while a … While we had three fish on, I noticed some flashes farther down in the water column. Some pro-style tools can even cut as deeply as 1/4th of an inch. In the open ocean, baitfish gather in the shade and structure of anything floating on the surface. • For every ten feet of water use one #7 split shot about four feet above your hook• For every foot of water put one yard of line out. Even with far fewer lines than the typical Northeast spread, this simple technique was very effective. Mahi in the 10 to 30 pound range have been caught since late March by our clients and there seems to be no end in sight. When surface trolling flames out, rig a planer to run baits and lures deep. When clearing the lines to run to another spot, put your rigged ballyhoo in a cooler with ice to keep them fresh. What Northeast fishermen fail to understand when targeting mahi instead of tuna, you aren’t relying on a full trolling spread to attract the fish to the boat. From seasoned veterans to first time fisherman, we have the goods to help you catch more fish. Using Planers with Offshore Trolling Handlines. Aluminum fixed gaffs are too rigid to control a mahi and then flick it off the hook once inside the cooler. Since I’ve targeted this fascinating species in both regions, I now employ a mix of southern and northern mahi tactics. Trolling with Spoons and Planers September 3, 2019. After landing a few mahi, the boat has probably drifted away from the floating structure holding them. I trolled spoons on planers and Japanese trolling feathers in the wash from the old Range Buoys off Sea Girt to the pots at the edge of the Mud Hole. Unlimited possibilities is the only way to describe what Water Bugz Side Planers can do for inshore fishermen. This technique works best for live bait and can be modified depending on how fast you troll. We each held a rod, leaving the bail open and a finger on the line. Before you feed a board through a planer, make sure the spinning cutterhead has reached full … These "Old Salty" planers are like the Cadillacs of the planer world. The standard procedure is to place the planer or trolling sinker at the end of the line and then extend a leader back to the Clarkspoon. I use a Minnkota power drive unit and typically run between speed #3-#5, or for others it is just a slow troll just enough to keep your baits off the bottom. For most shallow water or near surface applications, trolling weights between 1 oz. When you sink the gaff into a mahi, it goes wild, so a large gaff hook can end up leaving a wound in your fish and filets that look like they were hit by a shotgun blast. 5454 Hwy 70W (Unit B) Morehead City, NC 28557. I was captivated by these beautiful fish flashing mix of yellows, greens, and fluorescent blues. I have a bunch of drone spoons and #1,2,3 planers. We hit a good 16 pots that were barren until we spotted one with fish under it. Small planers require 20-25lbs of drag to hold in place, while larger ones can require up to 50lbs of drag. Capt. Latest. Remember the rhyme 'yellow clip is closest to rod tip' and you will have it pointing correctly. As you circle around for another drift, prepare to drop a larger dead bait. In addition to planers we usually fish 2-4 baits out of the riggers. The rigger baits work well for blackfin tuna, sailfish, mahi mahi, and more. Read more. It takes only a few seconds to attach a Water Bug. Use Whether you use rocket launchers, rod holders or just pvc pipe you can stand rods up or out in any fashion and still cover up to 100 foot of water in any boat. I suppose i can go try it but don't want to find out it cant do it the hard way. Get the smell of bait in the water and start fishing with bait, bucktail jigs, plugs and poppers. You can use something as small as a blood worm or as large as a foot long Pogie, Water Bugz can handle either. I’ve used this small-spread trolling technique to help locate mahi in the Northeast, then stop the boat and go to work on them by chumming, chunking and live-lining. When using this side planer, you expand your coverage from the width of the boat to up 100 feet. I trolled spoons on planers and Japanese trolling feathers in the wash from the old Range Buoys off Sea Girt to the pots at the edge of the Mud Hole. So, I know a thing or two about planers. Use a larger spinning rod with a 10- to 12-foot leader with a barrel sinker or fish-finder to get your rig down. 99 For larger fish, I use a 30- to 50-pound-class fiberglass trolling blank with a very small diameter gaff hook. Gear. Large planers designed for professional use are able to make deeper cuts, typically 3/16th of an inch. Always attach them well ahead of the lure, so that they don't spook the fish - a 30ft (10m) leader isn't excessive. Updated: September 16, 2019. Saltwater fishing lures, terminal tackle, tools and accessories, and more. Mahi also lurk around floating structures, both for protection and the feeding opportunities they provide. After hooking and boating a few fish, the school will become more cautious so you’ll have got to keep the momentum going. Remember the rhyme 'yellow clip is closest to rod tip' and you will have it pointing c… In the Northeast, mahi are less often the primary target species and more often a backup plan for fishermen looking to salvage a slow day of fishing. Your email address will not be published. I have some older penn senator 4/0's I plan to use. We brought them up over the side and they went into the cooler. Additionally, oftentimes a great way to catch Mahi-Mahi is to troll a planer lure or bait deep in your spread. Put your bait out the proper distance 10 - 40 feet behind the planer board depending on how shallow of water you’re targeting. This inshore mahi fell victim to a whole squid, trolled through a field of floats. In the shade, the silver scales of baitfish are harder to see from a distance. I first started fishing for mahi on my 22-foot Mako, Predator, more than 20 years ago. How To Catch Fish Using Planers. You don’t need big trolling lures to catch big fish. We drifted past and dropped small chunks of bait on small hooks with 30-pound-test fluorocarbon leaders. Immediately, we had three 4- to 6-pound fish on. Place your bait out the proper distance using the above formula. How to Use Planer Boards with Striped Bass Fishing Lures - Learn an effective Chesapeake Bay Trolling Spread for Spring Trophy Striper Season. Comment Report abuse. Rella used a rod with a flexible tip so he could feel if the bait fouled by picking up a piece of Sargasso weed—yet it needed to have enough backbone to subdue an acrobatic bull mahi. Your email address will not be published. Using planers for trolling will help you produce better numbers of Wahoo and Tuna among other species while giving you a larger spread. Kingfish are always a welcomed gamefish while fishing in tropical waters. By George Poveromo.

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